Since 1940 with more than 140 Facilities


The TRC-MONTERDE Brand has its own highly-qualified engineering department which focuses on the study of process, machinery designs, manufacturing of machinery  and lay-outs of facilities.


TRC-MONTERDE has its own workshops with all the equipment and tools necessary for manufacturing and maintaining the customers machinery.

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TRC-MONTERDE has an experienced team for the assembly “Turnkey” of complete process lines of Plaster, Plaster of Paris, Anhydrite, Perlite and mixing plants to obtain derivatives of those products.


TRC-MONTERDE has the necessary equipment to carry out thermographic studies of processes. With the thermal imager we can streamline repairs, carry out preventive maintenance and carry out energy saving studies..


We have a high resolution inspection camera, with LED lighting and can be remotely adjustable. This equipment is essential to be able to carry out evaluations inside furnaces, pipes and conduits in general, to carry out actions on machinery or to carry out preventive maintenance.

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The TRC Brand has more than 15 years of experience in the industrial process and automation field, likewise in design, installation and commissioning.

We are specilialists in installations for plaster, plaster of Paris, anhydrite, perlite and mixing plants to obtain derivatives.

We deliver all our facilities fully automated with the latest technologies, in order to guarantee the best quality and the maximum production with the lowest costs. We have our own Scada Software, exclusively designed for this kind of installations.