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Our mixers plow type, are designed for high speed mixtures.

The design of the plows and the agitators, allows a quick and homogeneous mix of the products.

The parts of the machine are:

  • Mixer Chamber made of carbon steel.

  • Three quick discharge outlets at the bottom of the mixer chamber, driven by pneumatic cylinders with waterproof system.

  • Central shaft turning on bearings, with plows made of wear-resistant steel.

  • Drive by motor-gearbox.

  • Three motor-driven side agitators.

  • Tightness using compressed air for protecting the bearings.
  • Two inspection doors.

  • Majorities and additives inlets, and ventilation sleeve.

  • Installation of regulator group, water filter and pressure switch for compressed air.

  • Hopper for the quick discharge of the mixture.

  • Samples device driven by a pneumatic cylinder, located in the hopper that collects the mixture from the mixer.
  • Safety switches with electromagnet locking interlock, to avoid the opening of the inspection doors with the machine running, or to avoid it running with the doors opened.

The Mixers MONTERDE, are not just designed for mixtures based on Plaster or Anhydrite, but for other products in powder or granulated up 1mm.



It may vary depending on the density of the product.

Screw feeders include a butterfly gate and a variable frequency drive to regulate the discharge. Constructed of fully stainless steel and polished bottom mirror. Fluidifiers to facilitate discharge.