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Mixer plow type, to make tests in the laboratory, and then extrapolate them to the industrial production.

The laboratory Mixers MONTERDE can be used not only for Plaster or Anhydrite based mixtures, but for product in powder up to 1 mm.


Parts of the machine:

  • Mixer Chamber made of stainless steel.

  • Inlet hopper with a grid to avoid the entrance of weird objects, and a butterfly manual valve to keep tightness the mixer chamber.

  • Quick discharge outlet driven by a pneumatic cylinder with a specific tightness system, and a manually driven valve to command the piston.

  • Central shaft with plows, all made of stainless Steel, turning over bearings.

  • Drive by a motor-gearbox.

  • Two side frames, motor driven.

  • Mechanical labyrinth for tightness of the bearings.

  • An inspection door with interlocking security switch, that prevents the opening when the mixer is working.

  • Depressurization Sleeve at the top of the machine.

  • Mixer set mounted on rubber mounts fixed to a main frame.

  • Hopper for collecting mixtures, fixed to the mixer with quick clamps system for easy installing and removing, including wheels to manipulate easily, made of carbon Steel painted.

  • Support for the whole parts made of carbon steel, and with a height adjustable support feet.


Completely built in stainless steel.