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The mixing plant is a essential installation to obtain derivatives based on Plaster or Anhydrite, from calcining gypsum -CaSO4+2H2O- in a direct fire or in a indirect fire kiln.

In the mixing plant, the majority products such us Plaster (Semihydrate CaSO4+½H2O), Anhydrite II (CaSO4), Lime, Calcium carbonate, Perlite, Vermiculite, and so on, are weighed after another, separately from the additives, which are dosed one by one, or premixed, in another weighing unit for introducing afterwards inside the mixer.

Once mixed all the products, they are discharged in a Hopper under the mixer, and then they are conveyed to a storage silo or to a bagging/packaging and palletising zone.

In the mixing plant TRC-MONTERDE, the obtained products are, for example:

  • Manual plaster with enlarged and controlled setting time.

  • Manual plaster with enlarged and controlled setting time, lightened with perlite.
  • Plaster to be applied mechanically.

  • Plaster to be applied mechanically, lightened with Perlite.

  • Plaster for fireproof passive protection.

  • Finishing plaster.

  • Plaster paste in powder.

  • Carbonate paste.

  • Self-leveling floor with Anhydrite II.

The mixers MONTERDE are designed to mix other products not plaster neither anhydrite II based; so long as they are powder or granulated up 1mm products.