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roscas sinfin tubular TRC-MONTERDE
tornillos sinfin TRC-MONTERDE

A Screw Conveyor, is a machine designed to transport products such as Plaster, Plaster of Paris, or Anhydrite II, that have been calcined  in either direct or indirect fire kilns.

It is also used for dosing, in a controlled and accurate way, in mixing plants.

Basically the ScrewConveyor is classified by its housing, either tubular, metallic or civil workthrough.

It is composed of the following parts:

  • Helicoid made of steel.

  • Housing where the helicoid is mounted.

  • Shafts on both ends mounted on bearings.

  • Labyrinth and packing seals to prevent dust leaks from the housing ends.

  • Driven  by a direct or indirect motor-gearbox.

  • Cleaning doors at the bottom.

  • Inspection doors on the top.

  • Sample point nozzle.

  • Drive safety covers and inspection doors safety grid.

The Screw Conveyor MONTERDE is designed for the transport and dosing of any product in powder (carbonate, clay, arids, and so on…).


NOTE: apparent density of the product = 1 g / cm3

* Will vary based on spin speed

** Will vary depending on the length of the auger