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elevador de cangilones TRC-MONTERDE
vasos elevadores TRC-MONTERDE

A Bucket elevator is a machine designed for the vertical transport of gypsum, plaster or plaster of Paris, either before or after the rotary kiln for Plaster, Plaster of Paris and Anhydrite II, it in a direct fire or indirect fire kiln.

It is composed of the following parts:

  • Arc Welded Steel buckets.

  • Double chain made of cemented steel rod.

  • Forged steel eyebolts.

  • Machining Steel wheels.
  • Shaft rotating on bearing for the upper and  lower wheels.

  • Automatic counter-weight tensioning system for the chains.

  • Metallic self-supporting housing, with inspection doors  head and boot made of steel.

  •  Drive Support.

  • Drive with motor, gearbox with anti-return system and elastic.
  • Pulleys and belts.
  • Drive safety covers.
  • Maintenance platform on the head
  • Pneumatic drivendiverter when necessary.

The bucket elevator MONTERDE are designed for any  granulated product or powder (carbonate, clay, arids, and so on…).


NOTE: Product bulk density = 1.2 g / cm3

TRANSPORT CAPACITY: will vary depending on the passage between buckets.

INSTALLED POWER: will vary depending on the height of the lift.