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aerodeslizador TRC-MONTERDE

An Airslide is one of the systems for transport Plaster, Plaster of Paris and Anhydrite II when these products have powder size, it is used in short and long distances, and it is more efficient and have less maintenance than other systems in the industry.

Only is necessary the Airslide itself, a low pressure air provided by a fan, and a mínimum slope in the Airslide.

The Airslides TRC-MONTERDE are not just designed for the Plaster, Plaster of Paris and Anhydrite transport; but for many other products in powder or granulated up to 1 mm size.


It is composed by the following parts:

  • A housing splitted in two halves, made of 3mm thickness Steel, in the middle of the two halves there is polyester fabric which separate the housing in two ducts. The higher duct is just for the product flowing, and the lower one is for the fluidification air.

  • Inlet nozzle.

  • Outlet nozzle.

  • Inspection Doors.

  • Fan.


NOTE: Apparent density of the product = 1.2 g / cm3.

* Installed power depending on the length of the channel.