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A vibranting screen is a machine, closed and waterproof, that selects through sieves and the effect of self vibration, so that classify the product according to the required granulometry.

It contains these parts:

  • One or two sieves

    • The upper one can be made grid type with variable opening if necessary

    • The lower one with 8 mm opening mesh.

  • Suspension springs.
  • Rear inspection door.
  • One vibrator.
  • Rubber flexible connections at the inlet and at the outlets
  • Heavies granulometry chute with the same dimensions as the product inlet of the mill

  • Light granulometry chute built with special slope to avoid cloggins because of sticky nature of some materials.

The screens MONTERDE are not just valid to select Plaster and Anhydrite, according its granulometry. Also they can be used for any product in powder or granulated, with a suitable entrance.


cribas vibrantes

NOTE: Apparent density of the product 1.2 g / cm