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The Pin mill, is a machine designed for grinding products to a granulometry from 0 to 200 micron, as a part of a closed circuit with a windwirl separator.

Our pin mill, is specially designed to grind plaster and plaster of Paris. They are made of carbon steel plate 20 mm thickness, electro welded and lining internally with shield plates with concentrical pins made of manganese steel.

It is contains the following parts:

  • Access door to the internals with lateral hinges.

  • Product inlet with simple port

  • Rotary cage to prevent the inlet of weird bodies.

  • Rotor made of wear resistant Steel, with pins forming concentric circles and shaft turning on bearings.

  • Outlet grid made of perforated steel plates.

  • Machining frame for mounting the outlet grids.

  • Fan for cooling the bearings.

  • Safety covers on fan and on drive.

  • Safety switch with electromagnetic locking key on the access door.

  • Rails for mounting the motor and tensioning the belts.

  • Metallic support baseframe with screw clamps for fixing the mill.
  • Rubber base between the base flange of the mill and the frame.

The pin mills MONTERDE are not only designed to grind Plaster, Plaster of Paris and Anhydrite, but other products with the proper granulometry and hardness.


molino pitones

* Production working together with a pneumatic separator to achieve a grain size of 1% maximum rejection over 0.200 mm