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The hammer mill MONTERDE is a machine designed for:

  • Grinding both, the gypsum up to a suitable granulometry for feeding the Plaster, Plaster of Paris or Anhydrite kiln, wether direct fire or indirect fire kilns.

  • Grinding plaster, plaster of Paris or Anhydrite to the suitable granulometry according to the final purpose/use of the product.

It contains the following parts:

  • Shaft – Rotor for the hammers mounted on bearings.

  • Hammers made of manganese cast iron.

  • Outlet grid or sieve.

  • Inertial Wheel.

  • Pulley.

  • Safety covers on the inertial wheel and the drive.

  • Rails for mounting the motor and tensioning the belts.

  • Safety switch with electromagnetic locking key for safe maintenance opening.

  • Product distributor at the inlet.

  • Metal support base with screw clamps for fixing the mill.

  •  Rubber joint between the metal support base of the mill, and its chassis.

The hammer mill MONTERDE, are not just valid to grind Plaster and Anhydrite, also can be grinded any product in powder or granulated with the entrance grain size and suitable hardness.


It may vary depending on the input grain size.

* It may vary depending on the input granulometry and the hole Ø of the perforated sheet.

Output production and granulometry will depend on the meshes of the probabilistic screen installed in a closed circuit next to the mill (see closed circuit diagram).